‚ÄčChristopher Braig takes a dramatic, yet personal, approach to music, film, and still photography.  He captures moments of dramatic action, landscapes, and portraits.  His film scores move fluently from songs to soundscapes.  Christopher creates music, photos, and film for projects large and small. The following five minute "demo reel" was selected for the 2021 Rome Music Video Film Festival. 

LIGHT & SOUND IN FOREST PARK is filmmaker and composer Christopher Braig's personal celebration of nature and art in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 

St. Louis has been the North American capital of pediatric homicide, and homicides committed by children since 2012. The city is often cited as the the 9th deadliest place in the world (not located in a war zone).

Forest Park is an oasis in a homeland for chaos, and violence.