​Is the first saxophonist to win a New York Jazz Film Festival award and six weeks later debut a CD of experimental, original music at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn.  He has performed at Silvana in Harlem with German/American musicians Peter Knoll and Christian Finger and with American singer/pianist Lauren Lee.  He was a guest soloist at the Parkside Lounge in the East Village at Everything 7.0 and produced is own concert series Sculptures In Sound at the St. Louis Artists Guild. 

Braig was featured by Italian vocalist Marilena Paradisi at The Lilypad and Third Life Studio in Boston in 2018 and has performed in the United States and internationally for more than thirty years. 

Christopher’s first album of his own compositions Blue Morpho came out in 2016. The 2020 version contains new material and recombinations of the original five songs. Like the artist Robert Rauschenberg, Braig seeks to work in collage using his own compositions, improvisations, films, photos and experiences to create new works of art.  He incorporates field recordings as inspired by his hero Alan Lomax into his works. Braig works by the David Bowie axium, “There is no journey.  We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”

In 2018 he recorded In Your Maze with the New York City based group Breathe-Live at Brooklyn Bull Studios.  Christopher has written more than three hundred works ranging from radio jingles to Your Inner Fish, an “evolutionary symphony” in celebration of Charles Darwin for jazz orchestra.  

Christopher's films appear on
The BeBop Channel, the only all jazz content media service in the world.  He was selected as one of first featured artists and is a voting shareholder in the company.